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Dynamic II
Dynamic Battery
Victoria Range

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Suction Controllers

Dynamic II Suction Pumps

Modern suction unit

Suction output 20L/min

Maintenance free operation

Three versions: Dynamic II with 0,5L, 1L or 2L polycarbonate Jar

Suitable for hospital and home-care use

Designed for short-term suction

Continuous vacuum adjustment

Level of vacuum indicated on gauge

Antibacterial filter is connected within suction unit



Dynamic II Battery

Dynamic II

Victoria Portable

Quiet and effective suction unit for medical practices and wards, suitable for fast suction in any situation.

Victoria Versa

The most popular high performance model of Victoria especially suitable for wards, operating rooms, recovery rooms, ICUs, etc

Suction controllers
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Victoria Thorax

A suction unit specially designed for common use as well as for thorasic and abdominal surgery drainage and intensive care. The system can be used for long-term - up to 30 days continuous drainage. Thanks to a unique patented solution Victoria Thorax enables full suction output even during drainage.

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