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Baby Warmer
Baby Bed

Welcome to Kanmed Products. Kanmed is a Swedish company specialising in Medical Patient Warming Products.

You will notice that the Kanmed products are innovative and efficent and different from the main stream. Kanmed products are manufactured in Sweden and each product is desingned and made after the highest possible quality standards

Warm Cloud
Warming Cabinets

KanMed Baby Warmer represents the "Back to Nature" skin to skin contact for warming of premature and new-born babies

The new KanMed Baby Warmer has been designed in response to a greater focus on a more human approach to the treatment of premature babies.


KanMed Baby Warming Bed is a cosy intensive care bed for premature and new-born babies concealing a fine ergonomic workspace

KanMed Baby Warming Bed has been developed upon requests from Neonatal Nurses who wanted: A cosy baby bed but also an ergonomically good workplace


The new version of KanMed Operatherm is safe and easy to use. The flexible X-ray translucent Heating Pad is placed on the OR-table with the Kanmed Anti Pressure Gel Pads on top

The Kanmed Warming Cabinet is designed to assist in the reduction of patient hypothermia.

The quality and long lifetime of the KanMed Operatherm makes it possible to warm your patient's at minimum cost

KanMed WarmCloud is the revolutionary new system that insures patients stay warm during surgery and eliminates the risk of pressure sores

The KanMed WarmCloud system consists of a single-use Warm Air Mattress, a Main Unit and a Hand controller for operating the system. The idea is simple yet it is the most efficient system available on the market. The Warm Air Mattress is placed under the patient and creates a soft, comfortable and temperature controlled cushion.

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