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TI-2000 Brochure

TI-2000 Transport Incubator

YP-90A Brochure
YP-90 Brochure

Air mode and skin(Servo) mode.

AC or DC Power ,with internal 28Ah Battery

Double wall Acrylic glass hood with front and side door.

Supplied on a collapsable trolley

Space for 2 Oxygen Cylinders

LED Observation lamp.

HKN-93 Brochure
HKN-90 Brochure
XHZ-90 Brochure
NBB-1 Brochure

YP-90A Infant Incubator

Microcontroller based - Air and Servo control

Set temperature and actual temperature displayed seperately

Supplied with trolley - includes 2 x draws and 1 x cupboard

Inclination of infant bed is adjustable

OPTIONAL: Double hood

Baby scale

YP-90 Infant Incubator

AC Power Supply: 220/110V 50/60Hz

Mode of Control: Air Temperature only

Air Temp. control range: 25°C -37° C

Temperature variation: 0.5°C

Ben Inclination: +/- 5°

OPTIONAL: Double hood

HKN-93 Intensive Care Crib

Microcontroller based - Manual and Servo control

Set temperature and actual temperature displayed seperately

Inclination of infant bed is adjustable

Radiant head adjustable horizontally

X-Ray tray under patient bassinet

HKN-90 Infant Resuscitation Crib

Servo Controlled Temperature

LED display of Temp and Apgar Time

Horizontal rotation of radiant heater

2 x Equipment trays

Stepless inclination of bassinet

XHZ-90 Phototherapy Light


Adjustable angle of light box

Height adjustable stainless steel support pole

Blue light timer

Available with or without white light

The XHZ-90L is now avaiable - same is the

XHZ-90, but with LED Blue Light

NBB-1 Phototherapy Bed


Up / Down count for treatment time

Temperature sensor to monitor infant

LED Blue radiation source

No eye shields required

YZ Infant Non-Contact Oxygen

YZ-130 Small;

YZ-160 Medium

YZ-200 Large

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